Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rosie Thomas at Seattle's Neptune Theatre, 5/11/12

Rosie Thomas at the Neptune Theatre. Photo by Dusty Somers.
Rosie Thomas closed out her spring tour in support of latest album With Love at Seattle's Neptune Theatre Friday. In concert, Thomas is a bit of a study in contrasts — her ethereal, delicate folk songs punctuated by energetic bursts of enthusiasm between numbers. Her speaking voice — somewhere between Kristen Schaal and Sarah Vowell on the adorable scale — is nothing like her breathy, richly melodic singing voice, and the effect can be jarring.

Friday's set saw Thomas performing old favorites and a quite a few from With Love, a record that sounds better live, with a lot of the production flourishes stripped away. She also took time to tell jokes (both as alter-ego Sheila Saputo in an opening bit and herself between songs), tell stories and express her gratefulness in the rare on-stage artist confessional that seemed genuine and unrehearsed.

It's almost impossible to not be won over by Thomas's blend of childlike eagerness and unabashed vulnerability — qualities that spill over into her best songwriting.

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